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The Man Who Has Everything


thought I’d share with you something that has made a great difference in my inner game. Game discussions usually simply list a bunch of attitudes or behaviors to mimic without really explaining why these attitudes work or what they have in common.


Instead, start with the thought that the most attractive man to a women is The Man Who Has Everything (TMWHE). That is, imagine a man who starting with nothing, managed to utterly defeat all of his enemies, take all their property, and now literally has everything, and there is no possible chance he could ever lose it–the ultimate alpha male. Now imagine the attitude of such a man. This is the attitude that most attracts women because it is the attitude of TMWHE, and they are keyed in to detecting and responding to this attitude as normally it would indeed indicate that the man has had such success. The attitude of TMWHE explains why the traits that Game teaches attract women do in fact attract women.


First of all, having everything, TMWHE obviously is in no way needy or desperate. TMWHE has no need to supplicate. TMWHE is obviously confident in that he has no reason to fear rejection, and doesn’t need to care what anyone thinks about him (after all, what does it matter? He has everything).


TMWHE doesn’t act bitter, or butthurt.

All of the RSD concepts such as outcome independence, abundance, self-amusement, clarity of intent, and so on are the attitudes of TMWHE.

TMWHE finds women’s outbursts amusing. Why should he feel threatened by them or let them affect him at all?

TMWHE has no need for rationality. Rationality is a tool for achieving your desires, but TMWHE has already achieved all his desires.

TMWHE is jovial and sociable, motivated by enjoying his bounty and maintaining his emotional abundance.

TMWHE is a lot of fun to be around.

TMWHE is NOT an asshole! He has no need to belittle, or be cruel, or put down others–including women–as they are no threat to him.

TMWHE has little time for other people’s hang ups. When dealing with difficult people TMWHE will mostly just feel exasperation at having to deal with such a person, quickly dismiss them as a minor irritant, and look to getting back to an enjoyable mood.

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