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Build a Normal Life That is Constantly Pumping Your State

“also, the main thing is that ultimately you need to build a normal life that is constantly pumping your state. like from when you get up to when you get off of work, your state needs to be constantly being pumped. but that’s more long-term. that’s lifestyle shit.”

This is the most important point. It’s just not real useful for hank right now. It’s also part of why I try to get guys to ENJOY to process of pickup and going out and sarging like Max in that infield, VS the Roosh/Krauser “it’s this horrible grind you HAVE to do, just suck it up no matter how much it drains you and makes you feel like shit ugh I hate this” vibe where it’s just this mud you have to sludge through lol

’cause if you ENJOY sarging then that thing you’re dedicating X hours of your life to that DIRECTLY leads to pussy, is as enjoyable as any other hobby anyone else has. You add a career you enjoy and if you have the free time then also add some other personal hobby on top of that (once you’re getting your dick wet and are out of the hyperfocus stage of PUA), and you’re skipping around on a cloud made of rainbows and gumdrops 24/7 lol

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