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Enjoy The Process

Also this is where you have to learn to enjoy the process like Scray mentions in his reply…like you have to have fun in approaching in general and going out and goofing around with people and making friends etc because if you only focus on the result, you’re going to be in too shitty/needy a headspace to GET the result you want.”


…is part of how I can tell who actually gets hot girls and who doesn’t when ePlayers talk big. Because if you hate people and hate socializing and it oozes out of you that approaching is work to you and that you think other people are beneath you and a waste of your time and girls are all cunts and bitches and guys are all assholes and chumps and bars are stupid and bouncers are dicks and women are sluts and EE girls are better and


…you just aren’t banging hot girls. Sorry. You can talk yourself up all you want and maybe you fluked into a pretty hot girl once by sheer luck or know one from high school you grew up with. But you aren’t regularly dating and banging them or even out partying with them. Because they don’t want to be around guys like that…no one DOES except other guys like that.

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