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What to girls mean when they say ‘Just be Yourself’?

“Actually it’s more of a filtering failsafe in that by socially mandating a genuineness in the general populace of men, women are more secure in the accuracy of their sexual assessment of men. If all men are Just Being Themselves and are encouraged to be the person they ‘truly are’, this then aids a woman in determining which man will best satisfy her hypergamy.”

Dead on. Game threatens girls because it makes it harder if not impossible to assess a guy accurately. And down the road when his faking it becomes making it and he’s fully absorbed the qualities he didn’t have the first 20+ years of his life, she’ll find it hard to believe he was socially akward when he was younger because if you’re alpha you’re supposed to have always been alpha.
“Just be your BEST self” is a better way of saying it. Is sitting on a couch eating pizza and drinking beer watching TV with no job living at home with your parents your best self? Fuck no.

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