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What is High Value?

“I think it comes down to personal inner satisfaction with yourself. So like if you’re fine with being a front desk guy or pool boy that’s cool”

You got it. It’s internal, not external. The doctor who hates his job will be lower value to a girl than the janitor who loves his job with an intense passion. That’s not what social conditioning will say but it’s how it works in reality.

“But it’ll probably be a lot harder to be satisfied as an independent at this day and age compared to the other higher status fields.”

I don’t disagree but this is still internal not external. Why will it be hard to be satisfied? Because you don’t have a BMW? Because you don’t have an expensive condo? Because you don’t have an impressive sounding job? What are the purposes of having those things? The validation/approval of others when they see your BMW or arrive at your condo or hear you’re a doctor? Whoops now you’re doing stuff to seek approval instead of doing it because you’re passionate about it.
A doctor who’s passionate about being a doctor is very high value. But most high value careers take a lot of time and energy and mean less time and energy spent learning game and while being a passionate doctor is high PASSIVE value, it gets dwarfed by someone who’s got high ACTIVE value (ie – the guy who learned to pro-actively make girls gina tingle). In the absence of men who know how to make ginas tingle, yes, the passionate doctor is super high value. He just has to hope his girl doesn’t run into a guy who can make her gina tingle more, which comes back to either locking her in the cellar or learning some game so he understands that it’s not being a doctor that makes her gina tingle it’s his passion for what he does that does it.


You know it’s been internalized when you stop comparing your value to other men. When you’ve internalized it you’ll understand that other men are all, by default, no matter what anyone else thinks, lower value than you. This won’t make sense till you get there because you’re still caught up in society’s socially conditioned value system and figuring out where you “belong” on CH’s +/- charts and needing your value to be “justified” or based on some socially approved construct instead of just internally believing that you have high-value even if you’re penniless and 300lbs with a face like Shrek

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